Wednesday, September 14, 2005


So yah, I'm gonna be a Mom again! Do you think I will get 115 more hits? Wow, who would have thought my one little post would be read by so many people... Maybe it was just me or Elle. So I need to learn (again) how to put pictures on here. Of course I tried it already and they aren't here...that lead to a lot of frustration and HATE toward my blog... You see...bethamoms don't have much free "Computer Time". L FACES like to rip the keys off of the laptop and click and type on the desk top. But I am going to be BethamomAGAIN... So, after that baby comes... there will probably be no posting at all for a very long time - - or maybe L Face will be ready to do the posting for me by then. PROBABLY. Rest easy, I have reached a solution, L will post from MAY 2nd and on, until then, you may read my own words and imagine what things look like until I can post a pic.


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